Z-ED Heads & Accessories

Mesh Heads

Can be used for silent practice on a standard kit or replacements on electronic drum sets, suitable for use with triggers.  They can also be used as a resonant head to achieve a concert tom sound.

Made from highly durable white mesh, pressure fitted into steel hoops. These heads can be tuned on the drum to the tension that feels good and used for almost silent practice. Ideal to be used with triggers, either as direct replacements ‘trigger heads’ or with ‘clamp to hoop style’ retro fit triggers. When used as resonant (bottom) heads on Toms or front heads on Bass Drums these will give an open Concert Tom sound but still allow you to keep the bottom hoops on the drums.

Available in single ply, twin or triple ply for added strength and longevity in sizes 8" to 22".

Mesh Drumheads

Z-Ed Drumheads

Z-ED drumheads

Z-ED Pure  are specially designed to provide a great sounding, long lasting simple head for all types of standard 14" snare drums.

Suitable for all styles of playing including wire brushes. Excellent preformed tone curve for easy tuning. Ideal choice for beginners up to experienced players.


Also available are black, unprinted, budget, but high quality medium weight smooth gloss heads suitable for use on both bass or tom drums in sizes 8" to 24" and smooth clear heads for snare side/bottom in 14"


Budget Spares


For those on a tight budget, beginners, or improvers, we have a range of drum kit essentials including HiHat Clutches, Snare Throws, Felts and Keys. These represent great quality and value for money. Made in Taiwan but chosen by us as the best value and quality available in the lower price sector.