Shaw Sticks

Shaw heritage Drum Sticks

Shaw Sticks are manufactured from the finest grades of selected American hickory. They are matched to within very precise tolerances, so not only are the two sticks in each pair matched, they are also the same weight as the pairs you bought last year & the pairs that you will buy next year.
The range includes classic British models such as the C, C+, Super Soul and E, together with more recent stick designs 5A, 5B, and 7A.
Shaw endorsees all use a standard model stick from the Shaw range. This is a strong testament to the design and quality available to all drummers from entry level to pro.

Sizes Available:
5A - Acorn Tip: 409 mm (16.125") x 14.5 mm (0.571")
5B - Barrel Tip; 409 mm (16.125") x 15.5 mm (0.610")
7A - Acorn Tip: 395mm (15.5") x 13.8mm (0.543")
C - Acorn Tip: 400mm (15.75") x 15mm (0.59")
C+  (C Plus)  - Acorn Tip: 419mm (16.5") x 15mm (0.59")
E- Acorn Tip: 406mm (16") x 13mm (0.511")
Super Soul - Barrel Tip: 409 mm (16.313") x 16 mm (0.629") 

Beaters and Rods

Specialist Sticks

General purpose Timpani Beaters with felt heads. These are ideal for drum kit or cymbal use as well as timpani. Heads are made from 35mm high quality felt, permanently bonded to premium birch shafts.

Fully adjustable Birch Rod Sticks – 19 Dowel. We use high quality European birch obtained from renewable sources. The spread of the sticks can be adjusted to give different voicings

Zed brushes.png

Z-ED Brushes

Z-ED retractable wire brushes. Black plastic handle with 130mm stainless steel wires.